Media Publicity

Publicity is the movement of information to the general public from the media. No promotional tool is more powerful than publicity. To generate publicity with social media, interaction and engagement with individual, groups, people, crowd, congress or a mere fan, is the key. The role of publicists has always been to promote the public image and reputation of people, products and businesses. It is their job to develop a strategy, shape a consistent message, work with the media, and create exposure. From a marketing perspective, publicity is one component of promotion and marketing. The other elements of the promotional mix are advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling. We help clients look good by arranging their publicity through various mediums and across different digital platforms. Once we develop the company’s message which we call Media-grade content, our PR gets to work. This experienced team actively pitches your story to the desired media outlets. And, we’re not talking about emailing a press release and hoping for the best. Our publicists have access to Media Relations Agencies, web news portals, press, and other means of digital media platforms. They know who to talk to, where to post, when to post, sanitize comments, develop a story and what story will appeal to whom, what story could be special and what it takes to build up the brand value. Whatever our team does it very well.


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