The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. In very simplistic terms, cloud office means that your business has a new virtual address for work, meetings, applications or software, data, and computing needs which are accessed, stored, managed and occur over the Internet or the cloud. Cloud computing basically is a network of computers to store and process information instead of a single machine. Meaning, your data is stored on potentially several computers that are networked together via the internet and when you need them, your device downloads them again. Work is transforming: the way employees expect digital-native workplaces, the way work comes home with us and can go anywhere, the way new technologies are changing existing jobs and creating new industries. Moreover, the world is in our pockets as everything is changing to Mobile based application and as a result, the “office,” a combination of the physical workplace and the digital infrastructure that powers it, is forcibly changing, too. The cloud office may be a new term, but the move to cloud office systems has been quietly happening for almost a decade. So what is it?


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