Creating any kind of business is a colossal process by itself. Something which goes well beyond the insightful flash that hits you during your morning shower. However, its not a magic show that gives you a guarantee to a new successful venture. The whole idea is highly suppositious (not all ideas get converted) and monotonous (based on what you learn as you proceed) During the development of business your thinking gets modified from time to time and this compels you to repeat parts of your initial steps which hampers growth and jump. ZAP believes it is valuable to think about the development and its growth in a series of well planned phases. · A. The Potentials -- Power to identify the opportunities and giving them a conceptual shape. · B. Analysis and Assessment Plan · C. Creating a Business Plan · D. Launching the Plan · E. Growth of your Plan · F. Elevating the Plan -- from succession planning to IPOs. ZAP believes it is absolutely incremantal to think about the development of a new venture and its growth as a series of phases. In most cases, a phase passes through so quickly that one hardly gets to recognize its uniqueness.


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