ZAP is a group with a vision of an interactive means of doing business. We are into support and services, with an experience worth 21 years of international exposure to back us up. It was 1999 the first time when the services were launched and since then it has been on a steady rise, getting the better of the best with each year. With the advent of new age social activity plus digital growth, the services have found a whole new theme and meaning.

B2B and B2C are now made easy with the help of these interactive services extensions to the clients. From setting up a dynamic web portal to provide a complete backend support, is what ZAP believes in and that's what ZAP delivers. Ideas and talents are shaped up and nurtured for growth, fine tuning them with time and demands, as required.

First its You – Then is Technology

ZAP is a customer service organisation first and a technologically-driven company afterwards and we are aware of that fact, very much. Hence it it really doesn’t matter how clever the technologies or our technical skills are, without you, they mean nothing. That is the reason you are our primary priority.

Professional Integrity

Values of ZAP are just not black and white paper declarations. We believe in culture and when honesty is clubbed with smart work, it creates better customer experiences. Simple and plain dialouge is a key element which assists decision-making and making sure, technology works for you in the right way.

Success in togetherness

You make us successful, by letting us help you make best use of resourceful technology available around, test your own efficiencies, create your own niche, and have a healthy dynamic competition which ultimately leads to achieve success.


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